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Sri Lanka Association for Quality (SLAQ), which was established in 1994, is the leading professional body for the advancement of quality practices in Sri Lanka.

SLAQ was established to meet a long felt need of the escalating demand for the corporation of industry, business and services to improve the quality visa-vis the rapid industrial and commercial growth Sri Lanka had been dreaming of for some time. It is a not – for – profit organization and a respected contributor to policy issues at a national and international level. It has maintained its unique position of independence from commercial or vested interests and embraces all quality models, philosophies and standards that help an organization improve performance.


Objectives of SLAQ

The primary objectives of SLAQ are as given below with a vision “to be a world class professional body in quality".

  • To be a professional body for promotion of, propagation and advancement of concepts and practices of quality in industry, trade and commerce.


  • To provide support for the speedy growth to the national economy through education and training in all quality related disciplines and assisting enterprises to develop their own quality systems and practices.


  • To provide a forum for all industry personnel to exchange knowledge and experience through meetings, discussions, seminars, workshops, study visits and through national and international conferences and conventions.


  • To undertake research and development projects pertaining to the principal and practice of total quality and to render assistance to industry, trade and commerce.


  • To facilitate and recognize and encourage who had contributed significantly to the advancement of quality in Sri Lanka.


SLAQ is a core council member of the Asia Pacific Organization for Quality (APQO).


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